What is the Search Network?


The Google Search Network is recognized by being demand-oriented, that is, the ads are shown to those people interested in a particular product or service related to what they are searching for in Google. Therefore, advertising companies have the possibility of making their offer known to a target audience that is looking for it, which represents an advantage over other advertising media.

For example, when a radio ad spot is a broadcast, the listener may not be interested in the advertised product, much less be looking for it (Male> comp ad).

Another point to highlight of the ads in the Search Network is that the advertiser only pays if the ad is clicked (Cost per Click), otherwise, they do not imply a cost.

What do you need to do a Search Network campaign?

Campaign structure

Defining how many ad groups the campaign has and how many keywords we are going to use for each of them. Normally two announcements are made by each group to test how the creatives work. The keywords we would choose would be between 10 or 15 for each ad group. In this way, each time a search is carried out with these words, Google would activate one of the two ads in each group until optimizing, always showing the one that gets the most clicks in its impression to the user.

Defining keywords

To make a good search network campaign it is important to define well the keywords that will activate your ads. To do this you must use the keyword planner and establish the average CPC or maximum cost per click that you will pay. In Search Network campaigns you will only pay when the user clicks on your ad.

Ad ranking

To appear in the first positions of the Google ad ranking, not only will your bid be taken into account (the maximum that you are willing to pay per click) but also the ranking of your ad or Add Rank whose formula is equal to CPC x level quality. The CPC as we mentioned is what you are willing to pay and the level of quality is influenced by the CTR (number of clicks/impressions), the quality of the landing page of the ad, the history of your AdWords account (a quality that has had your previous campaigns), the relevance of the keywords regarding user search and ad extensions.

Locations and Language

After you have defined keywords, you should carefully narrow down the locations where you want the ad to appear. In other words, if for example, you have an online business and only ship to the peninsula, you will have to exclude the Canary, Balearic, Ceuta and Melilla locations. Similarly, you must select the language of your campaign.

Maximum CPC and Campaign Budget

You have to define an optimal daily budget for the campaign and the maximum CPC, as well as the specific CPC that you want to improve for certain keywords that interest you.

Ad creativity

You must make two announcements (to test effectiveness) using the keyword, using capital letters in the initials to attract attention, calls to action and extensions.

Where will the ads appear on the Search Network?

Advertisers can see their ads published on the following supports:

  • The Google search engine
  • Google Shopping
  • Google Maps
  • Google Groups
  • Google Search Partners: AOL

But as an image is worth a thousand words … let’s see some examples of the different ads that are shown in the Search Network for the search term “plumbers in virginia”.

Ads in the Google search engine

Searching for the term “cycling gloves” activates the ads next to the search results, displaying them in areas of greater visibility. In the image, we can see both text ads and Google Shopping ads.

This is what text ads looked like when Google was not Ads but Adwords:

Did you know that SEO influences Adwords to give more relevance to your campaigns and improve the Quality Level?

Ads on Google Maps

The ad is displayed both first, just above the search results, and on the map. In the latter case, Google shows it in a different color to give it more prominence.

Search partners

One of Google’s search partners is the AOL search engine, which displays sponsored ads with a yellow background.

As it has been verified, the format used in the Search Network is text, except for Google Shopping ads where, in addition to the text, an image of the product is included.

When should you use the search network?

Before starting any advertising campaign you must be very clear about the objectives you want to cover.

Campaigns in the search network are good when you have any of these objectives.

 Get more visits.

If you have created a new website and one of your objectives is to get more visits to your website, the best way to achieve this is to create a campaign in Google Adwords for the search network and make pay per click (PPC).

Get more conversions.

This point is closely related to the previous one, and although conversions are also achieved with the display network, with the search network the results are usually better.

Once visits to your website arrive if you create an attractive landing page or an easy and intuitive purchase flow, you can get more conversions.

In short, the search network is going to be good for you whenever you seek direct action.


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